Friday, June 7, 2013

Shoes, a Watch and some tunes.

In our training for the race two things that have made all the difference:

New shoes and a running watch. My last pair of shoes treated me well, but after 2 years of on/off running and some daily use they were causing more harm than good. I had another pair of shoes that also agravated some chronic heel pain.

Just before we started this adventure we stopped at a local running store and were fitted with the new Brooks. These shoes have been perfect for me and have elimenated most pain for Tashia as well. Proper shoes should be the first item that a runner should upgrade.

For Tashia's birthday we purchased a Garmin 10 watch that tracks pace and distance. I've borrowed it on my run (thankfully it's green and not pink!) and it's allowed me to be more relaxed and also is a great tool for paced runs. Add my existing Ipod shuffle her new Ipod nano and we have had some great runs.

It's been great to run together and since I'm training for the 10k our paces have been closer to make that possible. While a 5k and 10k aren't much in the running world, for two out of shape novices that aren't exactly designed for the stride we feel this has been a worthy endeavor and challenge. Not to mention we are pushing 40 and we won't have too many chances to get back into this shape so maybe we can hold on to it?

15 days to fly!


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