Wednesday, June 12, 2013

10 Days and Then What?

10 days until the Race.  3  more training runs out of about 30.   13 miles left of approx 150.  Then 10k and then what?

From Mom's Race Page
As I mentioned on my run page I'm running for many reasons, but obviously we wouldn't be if it wasn't for Anthony and James.  It's been great striving for something that involves remembering them.  Especially since life moves on and it's rare that discussions involve our first two boys.  Once the run is complete, then what?

Life has been great and we have a blast as a family and it's been said we have gotten through it, but we will never be over it. 

We are only one family touched by the pain of loss and such have only our perspective.  But I would be suprised if this didn't apply to most that have lost a loved one:

If we mention that we have a boy and girl with us and two more boys in heaven, this means a few things - we think enough of you to share this information - they are a part of us and it seems wrong if we don't - this is an open invitation to ask about them (if we get emotional, that is a good thing, and is part of the process and believe it or not has deep roots in joy) - we are not looking for sympathy or any comments as such - we are more than open to listen to your experiences, hurts loss etc. - we are proud - we are blessed - we are loved and we have Hope!

While running the other day I pondered the "Then what?  No, not Disneyland.  All joking aside the end of the race may be quite difficult for this reason.  Spring is the hardest especially with gloomy weather.  Our 4 memorial dates start in late April  and in the past we have built memorial gardens and in subsequent years planted in them.  But it has been good to have something longer that involves planning so I thought of similar ideas for the future.  I think that would be a good thing.  Not time consuming, but with duration and distance.

Tashia wanted this song on her new Ipod, so I happened to watch the video for the first time yesterday.  I've heard it before but haven't paid attention to the lyrics.  It provides a small glimpse of our journey.  Through it all we have had our sights on the "joy that's coming", but honestly we have had much blessings, dare I say joy in the midst.

Race Page:

Running the race,

Stuart, Tashia, Abby, Isaiah and our two boys basking in the Son's glory - Anthony Gordon and James Glen

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