Saturday, June 15, 2013

1 Week to Go!

Well, I seemed to be looking for excuses not to run the 8 miles today that I had marked penciled out 11 weeks ago in my plan.  I even forgot to turn off the trail to take the more gradual hill.  For awhile I was thinking if I just made it to 7.2 I could have that accomplishment of a personal best.  Well towards the end I was thinking it would be wise to stop around 6 or 6.5.

I turned off the trail and took a street/highway to give me the option of going farther.  It was just starting to rain hard drops but wasn't steady enough to make a difference.  As this small cloud past it intensified and the steady cold rain was enough to cool me down and give me a final wind.  This song happened to be playing: You Revive Me (Lord).  It's usually playing during my walk back to the house.  I ended up pushing hard out of town and coming back in to make it to 8 miles.  I may feel it a bit for a few days and will have less energy today, but it felt great to get there. 

Race Location:
Harriet Park - St. Paul

Overheating has always been a challenge for me. With the cool spring, this warmer week has been crucial in tempering me to the higher temps and sun and has given me the confidence I need.  Tuesday was brutal, about 85 and 90+ humidity.  I don't sweat enough for that situation and after 3.6 I was well overheated.  It's probably the worst since the first time I ever ran 3 miles when it was about 95 in SF.  The run is at 8:30 and so far it looks like the weather should be better than I had at noon on Thursay and that run was much better even at race pace.

I have really enjoyed these longer slower runs as I have enough oxygen to think and meditate.  Today it was nice to have a few new songs in my Ipod playlist.  After hearing the others so much in the same order they are more background.  During one of the songs it dawned on my that this short training journey (12 weeks) is the same amount of time we had with both Tony and James.  Although we had much longer through the pregnancy, when they arrived we were consumed by their care. It is much the same for this race.

And, the Then What? is much or should be much the same as well.  It will abruptly end, recovery will be much quicker and life will go on.  Talk of the race and experience will fade and other pursuits and joys will fill our lives.   Except we will be different because of this trial and testing of our bodies.  We will be stronger and healthier because of it.  Trials are by nature difficult, but it's how we react and what pulls us through that shapes what we will become.  Just as with our boys, we have chosen to do this together and support each other and that has been the biggest blessing out of both.

Stu and Tashia

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