Saturday, May 3, 2008

Silky Soft

As you can see James is getting quite the outfit. He now has leg sleeves to match his arms. This helps further protect his legs. Even with the latest diapers, the ribbon knot would still hit his leg and maybe was adding to his blisters. The hat was Tony's and was part of a package that was sent by a lady in Utah. It was from here that we were able to get some of this special fabric to make these clothes.

After a few great days for James, yesterday was a bit tougher. Yesterday morning after midnight his feedings decreased quite a bit. It was obvious that something changed inside that was giving him pain and discomfort. It wasn't until last night that he started getting back to where he was. His average for the last three days was good, but he does need to keep increasing.

The baby scale we are using from the clinic doesn't seem to be the most accurate. Also, it's reading about 8 oz or more lower than the hospital. It's tough to know which weights were correct, but it's likely that he has not back to his birthweight. All infants usually don't climb back until their second week. If the scale is reading right, he's been losing about 1/2oz or holding steady.

Starting Monday, Abby will be going to a home to get watched from about 9am to 3pm and later on some days. This will allow dad to work and mom to have J Glen alone. We may also need nursing or repite care in the future, but probably won't do that at this point.

Abby seems to be doing better since we are home and has learned that James comes first. Her cough is still there at night and was up quite a bit. Thankfully, Grandma Sue and Aunt Chelsie came last night to help as Grandpa and Grandma Uken left late last night. We took a picture of her first fat lip. Dad was taking something away from her and she fell face down. It wasn't too hard, but cut her lip.

Our plan is to refill our sleep tanks as much as possible this weekend to give ourselves as much steam as possible for the week. We will see how we hold up. If James is stable it will help a lot.

Thankful we don't have to rely on our own strength,

Stu, Tashia, Abby and James

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