Monday, May 26, 2008

A Better Day

Yesterday we packed up James' things but didn't have much energy to do anything else.

Today was much better. We were able to pick up and tidy the house and have finalized all the funeral details. It was a very nice day out and spent time outside for part of it. Family arrived for supper and we are all in better spirits.

Abby was having a great day until she slipped on the front porch steps. She managed to hit and scrape her chin, lip, gums around her latest tooth and her forehead. It's not as bad as it sounds, but it's changed her outlook on the day.

Even if we don't bandage her wounds, they will heal and disappear in a few days. Of course our minds will almost always realize that to her brothers, this would be a disaster. We have to balance between being overly protective and concerned for our only child and being under sympathetic and concerned because we have seen the worst.

We are both looking forward to the services so we can move and dreading going through this a second time. It's a rare event that parents have to bury a child and we will do this now for the second time. We also look forward to celebrating James' life and giving glory to God.

Please continue to pray for healthy grieving for our family and safe travel for all.

Comforted by the only One who truly understands,

Stu, Tashia and Tough Girl

PS - we forgot to leave the webisite for Abiding Savior, the location for the reception on Wednesday. We should arrive around 11:45

Again all are welcome to come to one or all of the services/receptions.

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