Monday, May 12, 2008

Baby with a Blue Dress

About a month ago we took Abby in for her first photo shoot. You can view the photos online and even order them if you wish. They will be available for viewing until May 21. Click on the link below and type in uken for the password.

The last two days have been much better for Little Dude. Both days he's matched his highs for intake. With the extra calories he's around 140. His weight has been moving back up as well and hopefully continues. He keeps it down well which is good because Tony had reflux issues. James does well belching. Not sure who he got that from, we'll let you all take guesses on that.

His wounds seem to be doing better and likely is the result of extra calories and nutrition. We think his elbow is now to the scar tissue stage meaning it needs only protective bandaging. Scabs are falling off his early leg wounds and are leaving pink skin as well. His bottom is still bare but isn't as raw and shows signs of repair. The wounds that are still not sealing up are the wrist, belly button and his original leg sore.

We haven't had to lance as many blisters the last few days. Grandma Beth will be back tonight and with her help we can hopefully get new clothes to help prevent them better.

To give you an idea on how many blisters have formed, we started using a box of 100 lances almost 2 weeks ago and we only have half a dozen left. We usually lance multiple blisters with each one. Dad wasted one tonight after accidently slicing his thumb. Many are blisters that refill, but the majority are new. We don't remember Tony having this many.

Thankfully most are small, pencil eraser size or smaller. But there are the occasional large ones. Regardless, it's tough to watch our little man go through this and when we step back and look we realize he's similar to the scary pictures you may have seen on the web for EB.

If we keep him lubed up with Aquaphor it does help his tempermant and the gas drops do seem to be helping that effect. We started trying a new product called Desitin Clear. It's their version of Aquaphor and seems to work well on his bottom. It applies very gentle and seems to be protecting between diaper changes.

We did get some rest, but it may be a long time until we feel fully refreshed. It will help having more help this week and Abby may stay longer at day care for a few days a week.

Thanks for keeping our family in your prayers.

Realizing that Spring is here to stay,

Over Fed, Mothers Day Award Winner, Poser and Scale Tipper


Jason said...

God Bless you Guys!!!!

Jason O.

Missy said...

Love you guys! Praying for you! Hope you had a good Mother's Day Tashia.