Monday, April 14, 2008

The Waiting Game (for James)

Well, Tashia had pre-term labor at 35 weeks and was admitted into the hospital in Ida Grove 8 days ago (Sunday night). They almost were able to stop the labor, but since their resources are limited for pre-term babies, Tashia took a bumpy ride in the ambulence to SF on Wednesday with Stu and Tashia's mom following.

They decided to let the pregnancy progress once in SF, but after a few more days in the hospital it was clear he wasn't coming yet. So, we have been hanging out in Brandon since Friday afternoon.

Tashia is free to do whatever she pleases and actually has been trying to get the little guy to hurry his arrival. We have an appt. tomorrow (Tuesday) and hopefully we are close. Unless all the signs are there, Stu will have to drive back to Ida Grove to work until he comes.

We are happy that we have made it past 36 weeks yesterday, but we are quite anxious because we were all exited that we would get to see him already.

So far everyone is healthy and the hospital staff(s) are prepped for a possibility of him having EB. He is right around 6lbs right from a few ultrasounds in the last week.

Unless James has pre-term issues such as breathing, we plan on taking him home after the typical 2 days even with EB. To not have to spend any time in the NICU would be a treat!!

Please pray for our patience and health of both Tashia and James.

Stu, Tashia and Abby

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Shelly Hoeft said...

Congrats Stuart and Tashia. You will soon be holding your baby boy! I can't wait to see pictures of the lil' feller. You, James and Abby are in my prayers.