Monday, April 28, 2008

Back to Horn Memorial

Well it was great being home while it lasted. At James' 5am feeding, he had trouble breathing due to some mucous that must be from his sores inside. His lip area was turned blue after a one minute of eternity, we turned him over and it helped him overcome it.

Needless to say, we weren't prepared for this yet and concerned about dealing with emergencies like this at home. James is stable now and after a visit with our Doc, he is back in the hospital. They checked is vitals and everything is fine. He was prescribed a pain relieving mouthwash and tylenol to help him feed without pain. We will take it step by step and are not starting an IV at this point.

Again, we are reminded of the rollercoaster as there are some great positives since being admitted. First, his new weight is 6lbs 14oz, which is quite outstanding that he has overcome the typical newborn weightloss already given his low feedings. It took much over a week for Tony to get to this point.

Also, his wounds seem to be healing. His elbow is turning pink meaning new skin! He is still getting blisters, but we hope that the colder hospital room will put a halt to this. It's still hard to get too exited knowing it's what's healing on the inside that matters and that more lows are coming.

It's also hard not to question why there are others that are abundantly given children that either do not want them or do not care for them. Someone questioned why innocent parents like us... We wish we were innocent, but like everyone we sin and only by our faith in our Savior are we make adopted children of God. And we know for a fact adoption is great!

We wanted to give you the latest and will try to keep you posted. Hopefully you get a glimpse of how James is doing now. Progressing faster than expected, but stable at the moment.

Making the most of our rollercoaster ride,

Stu, Tashi, Abby and Little Dude (this one seems to be sticking the best)

PS - Dad caught a bit of grief for the b-day picture, but it could have been worse...

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Anonymous said...

Natashia and family,
My thoughts and most definetely many prayers are with you and your beautiful family. James is absolutely adorable. You are all such a strong family and I am so glad that you have God in your life to get you through this. Natashia I have been thinking about you so much and when I see your little guy I smile so big and yet I cry because you are both so strong and have been through so much and he is beautiful. I think about you and your strong will and i miss working with you. Keep a smile on your face and remember God always has a plan for you and everything happens for a reason so dont give up. I truly believe that. Keep loving him and your little Abby with all your heart and smile for such a beautiful family that you have.

Deidra (former coworker and friend from Sanford) :'0)