Sunday, March 16, 2008

One Left Standing

Well, we were able to dodge all the nasty bugs around here, but they finally got us. Abby started throwing up Wed night through mid Thursday, but still has the runny diapers. You couldn't have guessed that she was sick as she was her usual self and didn't even cry when vomiting.

Tashia got it Friday night and got over the worst of it Saturday afternoon. It was much harder on her being pregnant, especially throwing up. Her temp never got too high and has been re-hydrating herself.

Fortunately Stuart has yet to come down with it and has been able to keep up with the everyday stuff and take care of his girls. On the upside, it's provided some training for when the baby comes.

James is still doing fine. He is getting a bit cramped and you can feel/see his elbow, knee or some other extremity move across moms belly. Tashia's biggest struggle right now is with her back and getting comfortable in bed. "Only" 8 weeks to go until May 11th. Tashia went on bed rest with 6 weeks to go (34 weeks) with Tony and delivered with 4 to go. We've lobbied for another ultrasound to take some measurements since Tashia never felt the early labor with Tony. Hopefully we will get this in a few weeks.

Abby's friend Jack brought his parents down last weekend followed by Grandpa and Grandma Uken. It was nice to have company and Abby sure enjoyed the attention. They hadn't even been here an hour and Abby was giving Jack kisses. As you can see in the photo, she couldn't quite reach him during the wagon ride.

The Trio will be heading back up to Sioux Falls for Easter this weekend before we hole up at home until James arrives. We will leave you with a picture from Anthony's birthday. We've been running through his pictures getting very exited for our next baby boy.

We as always, appreciate your prayers for James' and Tashia's health and that we can have a timely delivery without any major complications.

Love the Ukens,

Tired, Pukey and Poopy

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