Monday, February 15, 2010

Big Party - Big Boy

No news is good news right? It's been a bit busy, with a few expected trips, doctor visits and Abby's birthday, but everything else is par for the course with a newborn. We are hoping that this week is where we can get our routine started.

Isaiah has been doing very well. He has been gaining a lot of weight and is much bigger already than any baby we have had at 10lbs. All of his checkups and specialist appointments have went well and he is progressing nicely. We will continue to have more checkups that are routine for micro preemies but there are really no concerns other than him getting a cold at this point.

Our little man is going through the same phases as a 3-4 week old baby right now. This is fun to be a part of and it is still hard to believe that we get to experience this process. Having a baby boy seems to be bringing a new level of healing that only he could give us. Seeing other baby boys shouldn't cause us to feel the longing or loss we used to. We are so thankful for God's blessings!

The first few weeks were a bit rough for Abby and us to all adjust. We have all done a better job lately and seem to be acting like a family of four now. Sleep is still the biggest challenge right now. It takes Isaiah awhile to calm down at bedtime, but does a decent job sleeping. He eats around 10pm, 2am and 6am right now. Mom takes the first two feedings and Dad takes the last one before heading to work. The last stretch of a brutal winter doesn't help either.

Our Miss Abby is now 3 years old. We tried to really talk and play up her Party a few weekends ago. She really seems to like attending parties and really wanted to give her some attention with the new baby. Dora and her gang exploded in our house and she seemed to have had a good time with family including a few cousins.

She really likes to hold Isaiah and show him attention, but she isn't exactly the gentle sister. In so many ways she is like her dad. Since Dad spends plenty of time outside with all the snow moving, she likes to tag along and get out of the house. It will be nice after the weather improves and everything thaws and dries out. 3-year olds aren't meant to be cooped up inside!

This is a photo from the first weekend we were back home. We went to the local Family Dollar, to get a reward for Abby and we picked out this doll. While we were gone she named him Isaiah.

We can't say enough how much we appreciate all your prayers and support we have received over the past few years. Our family and friends are our biggest blessings!

Enjoying God's grace,

Stu, Tashia, Abby the Explorer and our 10lb Proud Angler


Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...

We are so excited things are going well for you guys! Isaiah is such a cutie- can't believe how big he's getting! Reading your blog and hearing your feelings means a lot. We are so, so thankful for this new son of yours.

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