Thursday, April 1, 2010

Isaiah Unplugged!

4 weeks ago this Sunday we went to Omaha for a sleep study to find out how much oxygen Isaiah needed. Well turns out he needs none! Much to our delight he has had no oxygen since that appointment and has been doing well. We still have a few tanks just in case, but it's made our life a bit easier.

He still gets a bit of medicine and nebulizer treatments twice a day. His feeding continues to do well and may have a touch of reflux. Isaiah had his first spoon of cereal soup tonight to train him on thicker food. Also, he had a bit of apple juice today as what goes in is not coming out very fast.

At his corrected age of 9 1/2 weeks, 12lbs 12oz and 24" puts him over the 50%. He is on track to break into the chart for his true age soon and there are really no worries at this point. His eye development has progressed to normal development and we have one more double check appt. for that tomorrow.

Miss Abby continues to keep us on our toes or is it back on our heels? The nice weather helps to get her out to burn off some energy. She takes all the attention she can get. We have kids her age on both sides of us and she can't wait to play with her friends every night.

Well that's it for tonight. We wanted to get a much overdue update on our family. As always, no news is good news.

Very thankful this Easter,

Stu, Tashia, Abby and Isaiah