Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Little Big Helper

Abby loves to help around the house and when she makes pizza with mom, she gets her own little batch. She had extra fun this time.

It's been hard to be away from Abby, but we had decided earlier that this was the best way. Now given the circumstances it affirms it was a good decision, but also harder than we thought. In November we were away from her for 7 days so we will be close to doubling. It's affecting mom the most as she spends the most time with her and most of her daily routine revolves around her.

She seems to be having a great time with those watching her as she hardly gives us a sentence on the phone:( But it may just be her way of dealing with it. We can't say enough about how much we appreciate those taking care of her while we are gone!!

This is Reina pulling Abby this weekend. Reina moved in with Grandpa and Grandma Uken last year to help with Stuarts allergies. Abby doesn't seem to miss her at home, but loves to play with her when they get reunited.

We are exited to see how Abby reacts when we get home. We are sure she will be trying to help take care of baby Isaiah from the get go. She already named one of her dolls after him and thinks he will be in her room right away. When asked if she wanted a baby brother or sister, she always said both! We will see if she's paitent on the sister part...

Isaiah has been eating and sleeping well and for the most part has his awake time during the day. He is a fairly calm baby and his rare crying is quite soft. We aren't complaining!

We got to watch Isaiah's Saints win on Sunday (we are only 1hr from NO). Daddy reminds him that Saints finish strong when he eats!

The storm surge from Katrina came just blocks from his hospital and it was a major emergency center after the storm. Everything seems to be cleaned up from the 2005 storm, but almost every residential beach front lost is still vacant and for sale.

We will be exited to introduce Isaiah to everyone when we return home. Just keep in mind that when we do venture out or if you visit that you may not be able to hold him due to the risk of catching a cold. Hopefully he gets strong this winter and it won't be as big of a conern in the future.

No word at this point of where the papers are at. We should know more tomorrow. After his appt. we will stop at a new hotel within an hour or two of the border. Needless to say we will be ready everyday to take off in a minutes notice.

Trying to patiently wait,

Stu, Tashia, Who Dat? Isaiah, and from far away Abby


sorensok said...

The picture of Reina and Abby - pure gold!

yipeng said...

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