Sunday, March 2, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Abigail!!!

Time goes so fast now, it's almost been a month since Abby's birthday and just over two months until James is due. Tashia has been taking special shots to try and keep our little kick boxer in as long as possible. So far so good for mom during the 3rd trimester. It's getting harder to keep up with Abby, but everyone is currently healthy.

Hopefully we will get an on line picture site that we upload a lot more photos than what we can put on the blog. Maybe we would update that more often??? In the meantime you will have to settle for a picture from Abby's birthday and one from today. It was finally warm enough for her to wear her first dress. She still absolutely loves to socialize and is always smiley. It's usually hard to drag her way from the church nursery.

Stuart's job is going well. It's been 6 months already, did we say that time goes fast yet? Well maybe not with this winter. It's really hard to be homesick when it looks and feels like Grand Forks everyday. That's not totally true. One day when we checked it was only -9 here and -30 in GF.

Well there isn't much more new to talk about.
What? More about Abby? Well, ok. She's not too tall yet, but can manage to stand on her toes to get at stuff on the counter and tables. Her conversations are really quite intense, however we can't understand them yet. She did finally learn Mommy.

One thing she is quite proud of is being able to walk backwards slowly. She's really trucking around now and is starting to run into things, quite like her dad. Abby gets exited to watch through the storm door at dad bilge pumping the low sidewalk with a broken snow shovel.

It's spring now right?

Till next time,
Stu, Tashia and Abby

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