Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Meet James Glen

Well after two months, we have broken the blog silence. It was not our intention, but as new parents we find it easy to get distracted. We did have a computer virus infection, which caused us to reformat, but we did save most of our important files. We are thankful that Grandma Beth backed up Tony's pictures last year, since those were some that we did lose.

On with the update. So far so good with the pregnancy. We had the 20 week ultrasound in time for Christmas and we were able to show pictures of James Glen Uken. James enjoys dumplings with butter, pickles and testing the strength of Tashia's tummy. He has been much more active than Anthony.

As you can see, Abby is a go getter and began walking at the first of the year . Her hobbies include opening and closing doors, reading her books and giving out hugs and kisses. When out in public we always hear comments on what a happy baby she is and how she is walking and still tiny. She does well in the nursery at church and we enjoy the break. She is just about 20lbs and will be 1 year old on Feb 7th.

We are fairly settled as this point and are realizing the climate isn't much different that SD. Although we will still take tonights low of -9 over SF's at -14. Normally Tashia can't stand the cold, but with her pregnancy Stuart is having the worst time with it after losing some of his insulation.

Work is going well for Stuart, the 5 months have went by fast. Tashia is adjusting well to her new career. Grandma Beth thought she is ready for the next step and gave Tashia her first sewing lessons when they were down this weekend.

Thanks for all of you checking this site. I have a tracker and realized there are quite a few waiting for our next post. We do enjoy visitors, so if you are ever in the area or need a destination please feel welcome.
Please continue to pray for James to go full term and to be healthy along with Tashia.
Trying to stay warm,

Stu, Tashia, Abby and James


Missy said...

Hey guys, great to hear an update! Sounds like your busy busy - Both your babies are so precious! I can't believe Abby is already one - wow times flies! Take care!

Tracy, Quincy, & Lily said...

Happy Birthday, Abby!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that all is going well for you guys! We are thinking and praying for you and your family!
Isn't God good!
Nick and Shelley Dyrud

Kyle said...

Wow, 6 months already. Time flies. Miss you guys! We had Larry's going away today, and your name came up quite a bit!