Thursday, March 22, 2007

We Will Always Love You Miss Abby

Last evening we all said goodbye to a wonderful baby girl that has given us so much joy. It's hard to have a quiet house again with no reason to get up in the middle of the night. We think we are going to be well prepared for empty nest syndrome and can understand a bit of what they must go through.

With no other children, we are relieved of a very heavy responsibility yet again. This time, we already know not to feel guilty for looking ahead or thinking about ourselves at this time. It is our nature to feel like we have to feel really bad and focus only on that, but that is not true.

Never the less we are still going through a grieving process that will sap our energy for some time. We hope with our experience that we can progress faster, but we just don't know.

It is very hard to give up a child you have called your own knowing that she will likely not be cared for as well. If we had any chance or hope to keep her safe we would do that, but there is nothing we could have done but delay the result by a day or two.

We miss you Abby and pray that you are taken care of.

Please pray for the mother and Abby.

Stu and Tashia

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The Gohring Family said...

Stu and Tashia ~

I find myself at a loss for words. Our hearts are breaking for you.

The only thing that I know for sure is that we serve a faithful God who has promised that "all things work together for good".

We have been encouraged by your continued faith and perseverance and continue to uphold you in prayer.

Mike and Mel