Tuesday, March 20, 2007


We don't know why this is happening, but we do know for some reason unknown that we will be losing another child tomorrow (Wed).

Even though we have been through a similar trial, this one is more difficult as it involves people we know and our child will not be going to a better place this time. While we do know what lies ahead for us, we don't know if it will be easier or quicker to overcome. How do you say goodbye to a second infant in only 6 months? How do you see Grandparents lose their only Grandbaby again?

While we are sure that doubts will enter our mind, we are confident that we will again have a baby to take care of. It will likely not be of both our own genes or even through an adoption, but we just can't believe that God would not want us to take care of those that he calls the most important in his kingdom. Time will tell when we are ready for that.

Until then we must trudge on and if so led, will make a strong charge to change the laws that do not protect those that cannot protect themselves. How can we let a mother in an instant snuff out a human life in her womb, but yet give her weeks even months to change her mind and rip an infant from a better life and a loving family that has no say or no rights?

Don't misunderstand us, we are not in a hateful mood or even extremely angry. But we are confused and in shock and things do need to change. And if we still feel driven to do so in the near future we will do just that.

In the meantime we are placing our trust in Christ and will let you know when everything is final. And we will, as before, need your prayers and help to get through this time. Keep Abby, mother and our family in your prayers as well.

Stu, Tashia and for now Abby


Stuart, Tashia and Abigail said...

As before we appreciate your words of encouragement. Either here or in a private email.

Matthies said...

Ukens - Of course this sucks. There must be a plan, it's just to bad this wasn't it. There are some tough decisions to be made, I'm glad you have a good guidance counsler to help you sort everything out, keep up the prayers and your spirits! The path is muddy now, but it will dry out and become passible!!

Sorenson Family said...

Stuart and Tashia,

Becky and I are at a loss for words. I wish things would have turned out differently. You guys are two of the most positive people we know. Keep the faith during these tough times and remember that you have friends here that care about you!