Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Starting the Next Chapter

It's been over a month since we last gave you all an update. If you have followed us for awhile, you probably guess things are getting back to normal and our posts will be more sporadic now. I'm sure we will have plenty to share about Abby and will try to have photos as well.

Our most exiting news, well to us anyway is that we are planning a trip for the two of us this fall. We went to Florida the January after Tony passed away and found it to be an important reconnection time for us. This time we don't want to wait as long and will hopefully be booking flights this week for a September trip to Maine. We wanted to pick a place neither of us have been to before. It will be a 5 day trip and we will see some sites but will focus more on relaxing together.

Tashia has been much better at exercising and losing weight so far. Stuart came down with a typical sinus infection after the 1st week and hasn't gotten back on track since. We ran/walked a 5k together and both hope to run one together in October. After recovering from her own sinus infection last week, Tashia now has a pain in her foot and is either a stress fracture or tendonitis. This is a big bummer for her as she was really wanting to get into the running routine.

Abby is doing great and is still keeping us moving. She's adding words to her vocabulary and can understand most basic commands. Last week she crawled up on the chair at the table by herself. We decided she deserved to use a booster seat now like a big girl. She got to go to the wading pool twice today. She seems to enjoy the water, but also will just stand and watch the other kids play.

Reina is doing well with the underground fence and seems to enjoy the extra freedom. It makes it easier for the family to hang out on the porch with out getting tripped by her old tie out. The cat is doing fine and Dad has learned not to get her riled up when Abby is around. Otherwise she tends to lash out at Abby.

We made it to our Tony and James' grave sites this last weekend. We meant to go last time we were in SF, but missed the closing time and had to wait until now. It was much harder not being there for Tony's birthday (6/21/06) than we thought. We almost drove up just for the day but ended up waiting. We aren't sure if we mentioned it before, but James' site is just two to the south of Tony's which is nice. His marker has been ordered and should be placed in a month or two.

That's all for now, hope to give some more info this week. It gets eaiser every week, but even though we have been here before it still can be a strain on our lives as well as our marraige and family. We also have some big decisions to make on family planning options. As always we thank you for your prayers.

Trusing God and Renewed Daily,

Stu, Tashia and Little Fish


Anonymous said...

We live just outside of Bangor ME in a town called Eddington. If you come to Northern Maine in September, we would love to get together for dinner or whatever! We just missed you back in Iowa. We lived in Le Mars for 5 years. Then when we moved, you moved to Ida Grove! We were bummed about that! :)

Of course, I have to throw some Maine advice to you, the town of Camden is a perfect getaway. Quiet, coastal, romantic, lots of shopping and lobstah! It is also fairly close to Bar Harbor. We will be spending 2 nights there at a B&B for our 10th wedding anniversary in a few weeks.. But, anywhere you go in Maine will be beautiful!

Our phone number is 207-843-7130. My email add is kacyrath@yahoo.com. When it gets closer, let us know if something will work.

We always keep up with your blogs and you are always in our prayers...

In Him,
Kacy and Dustin Rath

Tiffany & Craig said...

Glad you are taking a trip together! These are important, even when you haven't been through valleys. Think of you and pray for you daily!