Sunday, July 27, 2008

Change of Plans

A few days after we posted last we changed our trip plans from Maine to the Black Hills. We finally found good prices for flights, but it would mean driving to Omaha and flying into NH. We weren't able to use frequent flier miles like we had hoped. The next morning the prices went up but we weren't ready to book, then they jumped again that night.

We discussed our original options and decided that a trip to the Black Hills would not only be cheaper but would also fit our goals better for the trip. This trip is to reconnect and strengthen our marraige. Flying to a new destination and having to plan, see and do would likely get in the way. It's still on the list, but will be another year.

This will also allow us to use the Labor Day Holiday weekend without worrying about expensive and busy airlines. We will start the vacation off on Thursday as we will go to Ames to watch SDSU play Iowa St in football. Then on Friday we will go to Sioux Falls to spend time at Life Light and with our family before we leave Abby with Papa and Nana Uken and take off for the Hills early Sunday.

We have a bed and breakfast near Hill City reserved from Sunday night until we leave Saturday morning. Stuart is familiar with the area and we will do some moderate sight seeing, but will still leave plenty of time to relax and enjoy the area.

The last few weeks were a little busy with less sleep. We helped with VBS last week, which was in the evening and we also had our wood floors on the main level refinished. Tashia went back to SF for a day with Abby. This meant we had to fit everything into our kitchen, laundry and porch. They turned out well and we are proud to say that we now have pictures on the wall in less than 1 year this time!!

Abby kicked this week off with a high fever that lasted four days. Her temp was hitting 105 with both Tylenol, Ibuprophen and sponge baths. It was likely Roseola, which is a low risk viral infection that infects kids under 4. She did get the tell tale rash after her fever broke. This was very tough for us in two ways. As with any parent, it's hard to see your children suffer with nothing you can do to help them. It's amplified after what we have been through with our sons. All we long for is healthy children at this point.

Even though we trust in God's plan and have no reason to believe that he would take Abby, we still have to contend with the fear that we would lose her. This was very strong as we went to the clinic not knowing if it was a severe infection and then a few days later to the ER after the fever kept going up. We have been there too much.

Otherwise things have been going well. Stuart has been golfing more this summer. He will also be traveling to East Iowa next weekend. There is a mandatory meeting relating to hunting on the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant land in Burlington Iowa where he plans on hunting in December. It's a large area of federal land surrounding the plant and drawings are held to gain hunting access. He will be joining a college friend and others.

Tashia continues to do much better at the fitness plan the Stuart. She's well on her way to her goal and has decided to join Stuart in running the Hobo Day 5k this fall. She had a slight setback with a painful foot, but thankfully that went away and wasn't a fracture or sprain as we had feared.

James' gravesite marker has been placed and we are anxious to see it. It's nice to have his and the others' pictures on the walls now. Hopefully after Stuart gets back the memorial garden will make it to the next phase.

That's it for now.

Trying to stay cool, fit, and healthy,

Stuart, Tashia and Little Miss Abby


Fiona said...

Glad your family trip was all well.

Elizabeth said...

Cute sunglasses! :) You'll have to post a picture of James' marker after you see it. Love you guys.

Missy said...

Go Jacks! We're hoping to make it up to Hobo Days this year - it's been a long time. Enjoy your vacation. We'll pray for a wonderful time of rest, relaxtion and healing. Not sure if you knew or not but we are expecting. Still hard to believe and were worried about complications early on but so far so good. Tashia, call next time you're in town I'd love to have a play date! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

We hope the vacation was just what you guys needed. And kudos to Tashia for kicking but at the excercise. We are happy (and jealous) for you!

Kyle, Becky, and Corbin