Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Super 8: Week 3

More big news.

First, we have a house!! Closing should be in about 3 weeks and we hope to move in a week before. It's a two story from 1916 loaded with oak woodwork and floors. It's in decent shape, has a new 2 1/2 garage (1978) and three bedrooms.

Turns out we will need all the 1,800+ sq. ft as we found out this weekend we are pregnant. This wasn't unexpected but we missed all the cues this time as we had plenty to distract us. We decided many months ago to try again and trust God with the outcome. We were pregnant in April, but lost the baby before the second month and gave the name Alex. This was again tough, but we had it on our heart to continue to try naturally for a family.

Who knew that we would have five children in less than 3 years! (Jamie, Tony, Abby, Alex and ?????).

Work is going well for Stuart and Abby is keeping Tashia busy during the day. Thanks for visting this site for our latest updates.

Stu, Tashia and Abby.


Missy said...

Hey guys. Praying for you and we are so excited about your news!

Anonymous said...

AAAAhhhhhh a home, structured domicile that is one's own...such a good feeling...and a great way to find little projests to keep Stu out of mischief!!! Congrats on all. God Bless you all. Now we knoe there is a new baby on the way out there when Jackson prays for all the babies at bed time!!!!

Brian, Heidi, and Jackson

Anonymous said...

By the looks like she eats like Stu to!!!!!!

Love ya guys


Jason said...

Congratulations!!! The Faithful reap the rewards. I'll be praying for you!!