Thursday, September 13, 2007


Monday the moving truck will be loaded in SF and will arrive in IG Tuesday. We will be saying farewell to Super 8 Friday morning and stay in SF until Tuesday. Needless to say we are exited to get established in our long term home and should have pictures of the house soon. In the meantime, I hope you don't mind another of Abby!

We will have closed on two houses in 3 weeks total as everything continues to fall into place. Last weekend we stayed in IG for the first time and Grandpa and Grandma Uken visited us on Saturday, but their main focus was Abby of course. Also, we were able to attend a local church service and were warmly welcomed. Tashia was invited and attended a new women's bible study already Monday and we had dinner with the Pastor and family on Tuesday. They have 5 kids with 3 triplet girls, and we thought two would be a lot of work!

Tashia had blood work done last week and we are exited that the HCG level are showing a healthy pregnancy at this point. Our two miscarraiges happened early so we are exited for our 2 month ultrasound on the 28th.

Abby will be attending the first home SDSU football game this weekend. They will be playing Northern Iowa who beat Iowa St. last weekend. Don't worry about where our loyalty lies!

Relying on His timing and Plan,

Stu, Tashia, Abigail and ?????? (we have a boy name, but haven't decided on a girl yet)

PS: Please see our new cell # and address to the right.


Missy said...

That's so exciting. Hopefully we'll get to see you this weekend. Are you guys Rabbit fans? I'm an SDSU alum - we'll have to go to a game together sometime. Take care - keep in touch!

Sharie Robinson said...

God Bless You! What a beautiful little girl. I am so happy for you. Abby has such beautiful eyes. I am glad Stuarts job is going well. I am thrilled you are in a home. And of course an older home would be my choice too. They have character and are definitely built better. Men in the old days were real carpenters, like Tashia's Great Grandpa Ole. Tashia you are going to be quite a busy little mama. But as I am sure you know already it is the best feeling in the world. Every day is something new and always an adventure. But there isn't a child yet that can't make a person smile! Miss you and Love you very much! Aunt Sharie