Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Abby!!

The weekend started out with Nana and Papa coming Friday night for the weekend. Followed by Uncle Mike and Cara coming today to help celebrate her birthday. We decided not to do big parties as she is only 2 and won't remember yet. We had lunch, an Elmo cake and presents. Which she enjoyed. Although she wouldn't have cared if anyone including mommy and daddy were there as long as Uncle Mike was here. She loves her Uncle Mike. Thanks Uncle Mike and Cara for making the drive down. We celebrated with Tashia's family last weekend and Abby had lots of fun playing with her cousins Cadin, Kenzie, Landon and Kallie. She also enjoyed her presents. Thanks for the gifts. We will update again soon with pictures but wanted to at least post a Happy Birthday on her birthday.

Happy Birthday Abby!!

We love you!!

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Kyle Sorenson said...

Very Cool. Happy Birthday!

ps - Beware of that Uncle Mike. He's crazy!