Monday, November 12, 2007

Miracle Grow

Time flies and it seems like we have been busy since our last post. We've made it back to SF a few times and Stuart was in Detroit for a week training for work.
As you can see Abby is growing and enjoys standing when possible. She just started telling us stories in baby language. She weighs 17lbs and is sleeping through about half the nights right now. She is on the verge of teething and we are begining to feed her small bit of bread and such.
The pregnancy has been going well and Tashia has passed the sickness stage and is getting energy back. It's been a big adjustment for her staying at home with a toddler, while pregnant in a new town.
Reina has had the toughest time adapting to the new home as her range on her tie-out has shortened substantially. Not to mention the lack of attention due to Abby.
till next time,
Stu, Tashia and Abby
PS: Abby has learned to type and wants to say Hi:
xccccjkponhjj k t., 8kjjx
PSS: As you can, see we can't figure out how to space between paragraphs.

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